Stages of music therapy work

Music Therapy is a process. It includes an evaluation phase, an exploration phase, a work phase, and the final phase. The therapy is regular and follows the goals agreed with the person / client. The monitoring of how goals are achieved is done regularly.


Evaluation visits will map the customer’s condition and his / her attitude towards therapy. In addition to evaluation visits, the assessment includes interviews with the parents, guardian / guardians and co-workers, familiarization with background information and the preparation of a music therapy plan.

Work phase

The work phase is implemented in accordance with the rehabilitation Decision and its duration varies according to the client´s needs. The working methods are selected based on the needs and goals of the client’s rehabilitation goals. Therapy progress is evaluated at least 2 times a year, and as the end of the work phase approaches, an assessment discussion is being conducted, based on which, a therapy feedback statement is prepared.

Ending the therapy

When the client’s therapy process has entered a stage where cessation begins to be relevant, the matter is decided with the client and his/her parents or care provider. There is enough time and space for the treatment termination process. At the end of the therapy, feedback on the course of therapy and the progress of rehabilitation will be prepared.


In order to develop and ensure the work quality, the music therapist attends counselling himself. This process is confidential and the customer’s identity is not revealed.